Volunteer Vacant Positions

Vacant Committee Positions 31st
March 2021

WE are looking for a qualified candidate to fill the following membership vacant
positions in the DAEA Sub- committee.

Name of Committee


No. of Positions

The editorial board

Fully paid up and active DAEA member, worked
as journal chief editor/editorial board member, widely
published, journal article/books reviewer,
doctoral holder, doctoral student, exposure in Journalism, well conversant
with publication procedures


Marketing, Membership and Stakeholders’
Engagement Committee

Fully paid up and active DAEA member, doctoral student or doctoral holder, held
marketing positions, holder of marketing degree/diploma, experience in
marketing products/services; experience in recruitment of students/staff/
membership; Good negotiator and easy to convince


Training and Consultancy Committee

Fully paid up and active DAEA member, experience in training, wide experience
in consultancy and doctoral holder
or doctoral student


Research and Extension committee

Fully paid up and active DAEA member, doctoral holder, doctoral student,
experience in grant proposal writing, has written winning proposals, has
participated in research projects, a research fellow, experience in research management


Application Requirement

1.       Application letter

2.       A statement of why you are interested in the position

3.      Attach your current CV

Application Deadline: Friday 16th April 2021

If interested, apply for the position and submit to daea.org@gmail.com


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Infusing rigor, vigor, breadth and depth in doctoral education

DAEA brings together academic and professional associations of doctoral holders who are dedicated to the elevation, advancement, support and sustainability of doctoral education in Eastern Africa.

To this end, the association draws from a pool of academic and professional skills and attitudes developed, refined and practiced over the years

In doing so, DAEA provides a unique platform to vigorously advance the rigor, breadth and depth of doctoral and post-doctoral education in the East African region.

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How to become DAEA Member?

You may apply on-line by paying a non-refundable application fee of Ksh 2,000 for doctoral student or holder membership and Ksh. 5,000 fo institutions or corporates following the links below;

A membership certificate will be issued after payment of an annual membership fee.


A call to join The Doctoral Association of Eastern Africa (DAEA)


Doctoral Association of Eastern Africa (DAEA) is a registered association for doctoral holders and doctoral students 




Benefits of Joining DAEA


1)   Shorten doctoral graduation time

2)   DAEA will be your companion in your doctoral

3)   Forum to discuss and present your research work (Thesis/Dissertations) with your peers and doctoral holders

4)   Research opportunities

5)   Improve your thesis/Dissertation supervisory skills

6)   Space to publish articles to meet graduation requirement and career recognition

7)   Marketing personal doctoral skills

8)   Automatic member of “Friends to DAEA Club ”

9)   The right to forward your papers for publication to DAEA peer reviewed journal “The University Journal ”

10) Access DAEA publications

11) Becoming a peer reviewer for The University Journal

12) Contribution to chapters in books

13) Access and participate in DAEA annual conferences and other international conferences

14) Sharpen your mentorship skills through doctoral student mentorship program

15) Post-doctoral research opportunities in DAEA institutional partners

16) Access to fellowship programs

17) Strengthening members ’ academic and professional networks

18) Participating in contributing to solving societal problems through research

19)   Improve personal career development



Please click below links to register or write an email to membership@daea.or.ke


Associate Membership Ordinary Membership Corporate Membership



Infusing rigor and vigor

Our Vision

A prosperous society fostered by intellectual discourse,  high quality teaching and research.

Our Mission

DAEA exists to contribute to societal solutions in Africa and beyond through exemplary doctoral and post-doctoral research, training and service.

Our Core Values

DAEA is a community of scholars committed to academic and professional excellence. We champion innovation, integrity, mental stimulation and high performance standards in research, academia and industry.

Participants during a workshop on Practical Research Statistics held on 21st February 2020 at United Kenya Club

DAEA 2021 Schedule of Activities

To all scholars

Kindly note DAEA 2021 Schedule of activities. This will help you plan attendance of the events in advance

DAEA 2021 Activities Schedule Date
Monthly students mentorship meetings Jan- December 2021
AGM March 26th 2021
Proposal/Thesis Pre-defense Workshop May 7th 2021
DAEA University Journal Publication June
Market Research Training June 11th 2021
Market Research Training June 18th 2021
Proposal/Thesis Pre-defense Workshop July 2nd 2021
Launch of Friends to DAEA Club August 20th 2021
Thesis writing workshop August 20th 2021
DAEA University Journal Publication November
Annual Thesis Writing Retreat Workshop November 5th 2021


DAEA Publications

You can now order online!

  1. The University Journal; DAEA Journal Issue 2; August 2018 (@ Ksh 500/5$US)
  2. The University Journal; DAEA Journal-issue 1; 31st March 2017 (@ Ksh 500/5$US)
  3. DAEA (2017). The Rural Universities: DAEA’s Case for rural universities in Kenya; A DAEA Proposal; DAEA publishers , Nairobi ( @ Ksh 500/5$US)
  4. DAEA ( 2016): A How To Manual; A Kenyan Jua Kali Model; DAEA’s Model for Youth Empowerment and Employment at the Ward and village levels in all counties in Kenya; DAEA publishers , Nairobi (@ Ksh 500/5$US)
  5. DAEA, (2015): A DAEA Survey of Doctoral Holders and doctoral Students in Kenya; DAEA publishers , Nairobi(@ Ksh 350/3.5$US)
  6. DAEA Magazine (August 2015 issue)-FREE
  7. Newsletter (April 2015 issue) -FREE


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