Infusing rigor, vigor, breadth and depth in doctoral education

DAEA brings together academic and professional associations of doctoral holders who are dedicated to the elevation, advancement, support and sustainability of doctoral education in Eastern Africa.

To this end, the association draws from a pool of academic and professional skills and attitudes developed, refined and practiced over the years

In doing so, DAEA provides a unique platform to vigorously advance the rigor, breadth and depth of doctoral and post-doctoral education in the East African region.

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How to become DAEA Member?

You may apply on-line by paying a non-refundable application fee of Ksh 2,000 following the links below;

A membership certificate will be issued after payment of an annual membership fee.

DAEA 2018 Schedule of Activities

To all scholars

Kindly note DAEA 2018 Schedule of activities. This will help you plan attendance of the events in advance

DAEA 2018 Activities Schedule Date
DAEA Colloquium “The Core of Doctoral Research” March 2nd 2018
DAEA Annual Pre-Proposal and Pre-defense Presentations May 11th 2018
DAEA Annual Pre-Proposal and Pre-defense Presentations August 9th – 10th 2018
DAEA Annual Thesis Writing Retreat November 2nd – 3rd 2018

DAEA Publications

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  1. The University Journal; DAEA Journal-issue 1; 31st March 2017 (@ Ksh 500/5$US)
  2. DAEA (2017). The Rural Universities: DAEA’s Case for rural universities in Kenya; A DAEA Proposal; DAEA publishers , Nairobi ( @ Ksh 500/5$US)
  3. DAEA ( 2016): A How To Manual; A Kenyan Jua Kali Model; DAEA’s Model for Youth Empowerment and Employment at the Ward and village levels in all counties in Kenya; DAEA publishers , Nairobi (@ Ksh 500/5$US)
  4. DAEA, (2015): A DAEA Survey of Doctoral Holders and doctoral Students in Kenya; DAEA publishers , Nairobi(@ Ksh 350/3.5$US)
  5. DAEA Magazine (August 2015 issue)-FREE
  6. Newsletter (April 2015 issue) -FREE

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