International conference on strategies for youth empowerment and employment:

  • Venue: Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC)
  • Date: March 23 & 24 2016 

presenters-and-participants Conference-program


DAEA wishes to inform and invite you to a national conference on youth empowerment and employment to be held at KICC on March 23 & 24, 2016. The theme of the conference is on how to empower and employ our youth. Conference presentations shall be geared to generating practical ideas on how to empower our youth by on or off the job preparation and training for both employment and self-employment. That is how we can empower them to be self-sufficient. Self sufficiency, or, at least a part of it, to emulate the late President Nyerere, is called for now.

When we empower our youth, we empower the future. When we prepare them for employ or self-employment, we prepare our tomorrow’s human capital. This conference represents an effort to lay some practical ground work for enlarging our private sector. Yes, we concur with AFDB (2015) that private sector is one of the best engines for development. If we enlarge our private sector by making these young people employed or self-employed, we shall create more jobs and opportunities for more jobs. Also, by having more wage-earners (through self-employment or otherwise), we shall expand national tax base which would correspondingly impact the public sector positively. (AFDB 2010).

Finally, this is the scaring statistical reality: Kenya Economic Review, 2015, figures
indicate that after admissions to secondary schools, TIVET, TTC and universities in the years 2010 through 2014, the following number of children were left out: 5.4 million (2010), 5.4 million (2011), 5.3 million (2012), 5 million (2013), 4.7 million (2014). Where did they go? What are they doing today? Hopefully, this conference will suggest good and practical ideas on what we can do with these young people. Let us go beyond our usual
research and commentaries about youths and their predicaments because their predicaments are our predicaments. Let us change the paradigm!



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