DAEA Doctoral Student chapters was formed on 19th November 2016 during thesis writing retreat at Goshen Farm Hotel in Murang’a County. The members agreed to create groupings of doctoral students in different universities lead by members from individual universities. The idea is to expedite completion of doctoral academic research and grow DAEA to an academic intervention proud to be associated with. Doctoral students are cognizant to the fact that search for knowledge obeys no authority or creed.

How Doctoral Student chapters Work

1: The chapter:

As the DAEA student chapter at the XYZ University, we pledge to infuse vigor, rigor and breadth in our research, service and publishing roles and activities. As members of DAEA and this DAEA chapter, we commit ourselves to mutually work together as we advance our scholarly and professional activities in our respective disciplines and professions.

2: Roles and functions of a DAEA Student chapter

Ideally, this is one of the best attributes of DAEA – to involve the future academic leaders in developing and shaping DAEA’s search and development of new knowledge as well as professional enhancement. DAEA is grounding our doctoral students where it counts most – that is, in the development of intellectual and operational competencies among tomorrow’s scholars and researchers. Among other things, DAEA student chapter shall:

(a) be the formal communication mechanism among doctoral students & others at the home institutional affiliation
(b) representative of doctoral students on all matters pertaining to their academic and professional interests
(c) suggest and advocate timely and proper diversification of doctoral studies, nomenclatures, roles, functions and training – emphasize both research and professional – not all doctorates are PhDs
(d) organize suitable academic, professional and leadership workshops and seminars for doctoral students
(e) create empowering self-interest-based support for and among current and future scholars and researchers,(f) advocate, suggest and support the good and creative institutional policies for successful and timely completion of doctoral studies
(g) engage and pioneer in membership recruitment on ones’ campus or university; supplement membership recruitment by being peer-mentor to your new student colleagues,
(h) search, explore opportunities for relevant and empowering international doctoral forums, internships & fellowships & postdocs
(i) Consider, encourage and pursue both individual and joint research and publishing – DAEA has three publications —DAEA University Journal, DAEA Magazine and DAEA Newsletter.

Contact us through

  • Our website www.daea.or.ke
  • For more details contact us at membership@daea.or.ke
  • Telephone No.+254 702 662 376